In today's business environment it is imperative for any lender, loan officer, or affiliated representative to work with an Appraisal Management Company (AMC). Numerous laws and regulations are now a dominant factor to your appraisal ordering process. Effort Appraisal Management keeps you compliant. Our clients are Banks, Credit Unions, Correspondent and Wholesale Lenders across the country. As an AMC for many years, well before the creation of the HVCC, we have developed valuable and long-lasting relationships with some of the top appraisers in California and across the United States. This guarentees our clients the highest level of service from not only us as the AMC, but also the appraisers handling the appraisal orders for their borrowers/clients.  

With our many years of experience in the appraisal industry, we understand that a key priority in the mortgage business is taking your borrower/client through the loan process as quick and effortless as possible. The appraisal process is a HUGE part of the loan process. A slow appraisal process can not only prevent loans from closing on time, but can lose clients. Effort Appraisal Management understands this, and only uses appraisers who can complete the highest quality report, and do so in a very timely manner. Our appraisers consistantly complete their appraisals within 24 hours of inspection, and rarely exceed 48 hours. We treat our appraisers with the utmost respect and pay them fair fees. In return, they give Effort Appraisal Management premium service as appraisers.

We pride ourselves in consistently delivering 24 HOUR TURN-AROUND times to keep your business flowing properly.

Our clients are provided with unmatched support around the clock. Our support team is available from 7am PST to 8pm PST, 7 days a week!

 We benefit our clients by:

  • One stop service for all residential appraisal needs.
  • Coverage throughout the entire state of CA and many other states.
  • Inspections set immediately
  • Real time daily updates 24/7
  • Assigning knowledgeable Certified appraisers who are local to the area.
  • Providing quality appraisal reports with unmatched turntimes.
  • Same-day appraisal corrections/conditions revisions
  • Having a Chief Appraiser — In House

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